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What Our Clients Are Saying…

  • “I had been trying to rent my condo with little success after my last tenant left. I live out of state which was making things very difficult. I found Jasaan and John Aaroe Group and he handled everything with very little action required from me. After a handful of emails and phone calls we have a great tenant with a good price. We’re looking to buy a house soon and I will definitely be using Jasaan, and will recommend him to all of my friends as well.” – C.G.
  • “I worked with Jasaan on the purchase of a duplex. This isn’t the first property I have purchased; and with all sincerity and honesty he was the best agent I have worked with by far. He was extremely responsive throughout the home-viewing process and offered very helpful input. I felt that the negotiations were highly effective because ultimately they helped us get what we wanted. We beat out a lot of offers. Thankful we had him on our side. I would highly recommend Jasaan to my friends and family looking to buy and will call him if I’m ever looking to buy again.” – M.A.
  • “I first met Jasaan at an open house he had on a Sunday afternoon. He was packing up ready to leave for the day as we arrived and welcomed us in. We weren’t working with an agent at the time, mainly finding homes online and doing a lot of the work ourselves. Although we did not buy the home where we met him, we felt more than comfortable hiring Jasaan to be our realtor. He was patient, knowledgable, and most of all did not try to hard sell us into a property. We found a home, he negotiated a great deal, and we couldn’t be happier.” – N.L.
  • “We purchased our first home with Jasaan and I can’t express how appreciative I am for the excellent service he provided during the purchase. His professionalism was always on point, he was always on time with appointments, showings, or just keeping me calm through the process. He made the whole scary experience of buying a home quite remarkable and I can’t thank him enough for a job well done. I will not hesitate to refer friends or relatives who are in the market for a new home.” – A.F.